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The Life In Front Of You Is Enough

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

It's what you have. You can wish to have another reality that is not your own but that won't manifest it. It doesn't mean you shouldn't plan. It doesn't mean you shouldn't aim. It's possible to plan and aim without holding your plans and aims as contracts that shall yield itself in the future. If you believe planning and aiming will make your future certain to your liking, then you will be very disappointed.

See planning and aiming as a way to focus. Use it to filter the noise in your moment to moment decisions. But never expect it as certainty. As you make decisions, the world will respond in turn. You can then make the necessary adjustments in your planning and aiming to carry on. And before you know it you are living a life you didn't see coming but appreciate and love it because it is a cumulative expression of your interaction with your universe.

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