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We can't make a move in this world without risking someone's death - The Plague by Albert Camus

Every thing we do to express ourselves, be it a social media post, a code for work (for programmers), a hobby project we show to our neighbors. It is a node in the a vast see of nodes all interconnected in ways that are impossible to understand. Each node, can send and receive signals.

Like it or not, reality works like so. The signals in our nodes have influence. The have ripple effects we cannot predict.

It is therefore, our responsibility to focus on the signals that important to us. Our responsibility to monitor signals on the nodes that deserve our limited time and attention.

A node that consists signals of Facebook posts about how you've afforded a fancy vacation for example may not be as important as the craft and dedication you put in your work. The first may be a node that receives lots of likes and validation from your friends. Because of it, human nature wants to nurture that node. For that node to keep outputting signals that earned it lots of heart emojis, to keep maintaining at least. What then? Do you need another fancy vacation, spending your hard earned money to maintain this node? Or do you need to go on bigger more expensive adventures to outdo the previous posts? As a result, it becomes a hamster wheel where finite resources, time and money, are consumed and not easily replenished.

Not that you don't end in a hamster wheel too in the latter. But I prefer to focus on nodes that relate to my work than a Facebook post. My work provides for my family. It allows me to live a life with my soon to be wife and maintain a nice home for my pets. It's relatively inexpensive compared to the first and much more maintainable and peaceful.

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