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You don't really want to be god

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

When one has infinite freedom. Their anxiety is infinite choice.

Dreams, fantasies, that is your luxury. That same luxury is the reason for your anxiety.

It's because you can make anything in your fantasy that cripples you with anxiety. After all, if you can manifest anything, then you manifest nothing.

All the more reason to embrace the reality in front of you instead of escaping in your fantasies. In your reality, you have constraints and unknowns. In your reality, you are not God. In your reality, you are limited, fragile flesh and bones with pesky emotions. But it's precisely this that manifesting of anything IS something. The fact that it may or may not come true gives it its feature that it is something.

So stop overthinking life and commit to something without demanding it to be certainty. That way, when you do manifest something, you can be certain it really is something.

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