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To Face Your Life as-is, is an Act of Courage

To live your day without hoping for a distant vacation.

To work your boring job without complaints.

To wash the dishes without mentally escaping to the funny cat videos you saw.

To work on your project and spending the time figuring out that problem stumped you.

To keep running into problems to solve to finish your project.

This is courage. There is no need to go watch a Marvel Cinematic to find examples of a true courageous hero. You are living it.

It's not to say to be complacent. Discomfort, is a great tool for change. You don't have to accept your boring job. But you can bravely face its contents on a day to day basis while you set aside time to plan and execute a way to get out of it. You will feel fear and anxiety in whatever path you choose. Even complacency contains fear. You don't get not to have it. You are human after all. But you get to aim at what this fear and anxiety will be worth it for. The ability to choose on a moment to moment basis how this fear and anxiety is a tool to you to move yourself through the time you have, that alone makes life so meaningful to live in.

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