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Procrastination: The Coward In Disguise.

We all have been there. You are clear on the task. You know where to go and what to do.

Yet, you tidy up your closet. You fold the laundry. You do the dishes. What is this? You are out of clean sponges!! This is very urgent. Must run to the grocery store and get some sponges. 2 hours later, you are back to trying to get started on your task. Then, habitually, you open a web browser and start typing `fac` + `ENTER` and next thing you know you are scrolling through through random and meaningless Facebook feeds.

The moment you start doing something else vs doing what you are suppose to do. Think for a moment. What is happening in your brain? Why does this happen?

I like to call this, the fear of participating in the game of life. In participating with your responsibilities there is a possibility of failure and success. We fear it exactly because execution doesn't guarantee reward but instead to achieve success you must risk failure.

After all, if you don't roll the dice. This is you choosing to do the dishes instead of doing your responsibility. You can not loose. You can not fail. You will maintain your current position in space and time. But guess what? Without the risk of failure, you can not have success. Without playing the game you don't have a chance of winning at all. You don't have a chance of discovering what this risk offers in return.

Personally, I believe you are better off participating in the risks and rewards of life. Sure, in participating you risk loosing, but you also give yourself a chance at winning. Either way, both scenario will give you a life. Not participating in the risk and rewards of life is equivalent to death. After all, if you don't want the anxiety and joys that comes with life then you are better off not existing in the first place. Because you can not feel anything if you didn't exist.

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