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Practice Living With Anxiety

Embrace that anxiety is part of life. It will never vanish, and you don't want it to. That's a topic of deep philosophical discussion. What is useful to you now is how to better live with it on a moment to moment basis.

Approach: The only way to better living with anxiety is to practice living with anxiety better.

What this means is when you feel that anxiety say, in starting a project. Know that's it's an opportunity practice overcoming that anxiety. So you just start that project knowing that the anxiety is there.

When you are worried about an exam. Acknowledge the worry is there and study anyway.

When you are dreading going to work. Acknowledge you are dreading work and go to work.

When you are scrolling through your phone looking for an escape to something you are suppose to face. Stop scrolling through your phone and face what you need to face.

Acknowledge the anxiety. But do it anyway. That's a daily practice. That's a daily discipline. Like anything in life, the more you practice it. The better you get at it.

I'm not suggesting conformity. I'm suggesting courage. It's essential you live with anxiety. It's the thing that makes this game of life 'real'. The absence of anxiety means absence of desire. A wind has no desire. You are not wind. You however, has the capacity to continually develop courage. Anxiety is managed with courage.

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