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Life Gravities and Responsibility

Day 3 of my personal challenge: resisting the urge to check my phone first thing in the morning. In many ways, our need for social validation is akin to gravity. It exerts a consistent, invisible force, drawing us towards it without any conscious effort on our part. To defy this force, one must create a framework—a system, even a guiding principle—that can help resist this pull. Succumbing to this force, in my eyes, equates to regret.

Similarly, chess exerts its own gravity upon me. The thrill of victory, the competitive edge—it's an undeniable attraction. But with it comes the peril of addiction, the hunger to constantly outdo others. Here, too, the shadow of regret looms if one becomes too consumed.

Then, there's wood carving. Unlike the previous gravities, this feels constructive. It might be an obsession, yet it aligns with my desires. Could this be the "new god" I've been searching for? A positive anchor where I willingly place my errors and shortcomings. Embracing this gravity feels right, and even if there's disappointment at times, it feels worthwhile.

As we navigate life, we're consistently presented with various gravities. Some are innate, like the need for validation; some are cultivated, like a passion or hobby. Recognizing these gravities, evaluating their worth, and choosing which ones to yield to becomes our personal responsibility. As one passion fades or becomes detrimental, perhaps it's time to search for a new guiding force—a "new god"—that can lead us in a direction we genuinely want to follow.

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