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A Sensible Person is Doomed to Despair.

When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, he became man - suddenly aware of his mortality, fragility, and limitations. Adam represents all of us. We, too, transitioned from a state of innocence into a profound awareness of our humanity and its constraints.

Within us lies the imagination of a god. We can traverse parallel universes, experience different versions of ourselves, and move forward and back through time in our thoughts. Evidence of this is present in countless books, movies, and works of art. Yet, when we reorient to our current point in time and space, we're reminded of our mortality and our limitations.

Given this condition, I argue that despair is a reasonable reaction. Anyone who sees it differently is welcome to offer a counterpoint.

While I contend that despair is a rational response to our human predicament, I also believe that one doesn't always need to be rational. Rationality, though beneficial in various aspects of human life, may not be the best tool for handling the human condition.

I don't claim to have a solution, but I propose an alternative. Create. Share whimsical photos on Instagram, as though people care. Make homemade films with the hope of fame and fortune. Write a book believing it might change the world. Sing to your crush before class with your imperfect voice. Post about despair on Facebook, even if it doesn't make much sense.

Hopefully, these creative acts, even if just for a fleeting moment, can provide some relief from despair.

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